Invisible Wonders of Science: Revealing Nature’s Stunning and Secret World  

From the secret life cycle of the honeybee to the lightning-fast behaviors of hummingbirds, wonder can come from the most unexpected and unseen places. If you have been looking for new ways to inspire and excite your learners in the classroom, look no further than the mind-blowing work of National Geographic Explorer and photographer Anand Varma! 

Varma’s stunning photography highlights creatures whose incredible details typically go unseen, and reveals new stories behind the science along the way. Now, he is reimagining education opportunities for aspiring scientists and storytellers through his newest endeavor: WonderLab. WonderLab is a one of a kind storytelling studio based in Berkeley, California where he will develop innovative photography and videography techniques that push the boundaries of how we understand the wonders of our world.

You can bring the magic of the WonderLab to your classroom through the NEW WonderLab Learning Resources. This series of activities, learning tools, videos, and learning modules, inspired by Varma’s work, encourage learners to overcome limitations of thought and explore the world with creative and intellectual thinking. Designed by National Geographic for educators to help learners develop skills and attitudes of an Explorer like curiosity, empathy, empowerment, problem-solving, and storytelling, these resources will help users “find the mystery of things that hide in plain sight and take the time to explore the wonder of our world.”

More to Marvel At: Stream the New “I Wonder” Educational Video Series 

This brand-new video series, titled “I Wonder”, follows Anand on his journey to develop a new way of documenting a fascinating scientific phenomenon: the life cycle of cephalopods such as bobtail squid and flamboyant cuttlefish.

Each educational episode focuses on a specific phase of his creative process and spotlights the Wonder Learning Strategies. Anand embodies what National Geographic recognizes as the Explorer Mindset. He manifests the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of an Explorer: asks questions, experiments and solves problems while accepting that it is fine to be curious, to try new things, and to make mistakes in the pursuit of knowledge.

Check back throughout the school year as new “I Wonder” videos are added to the educational video series.  

“I would like to inspire students, educators, and young scientists to slow down, observe, find the mystery of things that hide in plain sight and take the time to explore the wonder of our world.”
— Anand Varma, National Geographic Explorer

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Explorer Classroom On Demand: Watch Anand Varma’s Episode
Watch Anand’s episode of Explorer Classroom on Demand to hear him tell the story behind “the science of everything.” Then, learn all about bees, parasites, and more invisible wonders in this 30 minute video session. 

Register for upcoming Explorer Classroom sessions online, streaming live every week!

Zombie Bugs and other Spooky Subjects
Creepy crawlers, cockroaches, and spiders can make even the most strong-willed people squirm. But, Varma is fascinated by this discovery of the typically unobserved world. This October, explore the unseen world with this creepy, crawly zombie wasp video on the Education Hub.

Keep in Touch: Explore with Invisible Wonders
A compelling photograph can change us. It can challenge assumptions, make room for new ideas, and expand our curiosity. Get updates on Anand’s work and the WonderLab online.

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