You’re Invited: Explorer Classroom SERIES on Wildlife!

Join us for the Explorer Classroom Wildlife Series and immerse your learners in an exciting program to explore wildlife globally, while taking action locally!

The program features live weekly, virtual events with National Geographic Explorers bringing science, exploration, conservation, and storytelling to life. In each show, a National Geographic Explorer connects with your students for a 45-minute live, virtual class, filled with interactive moments and a Q&A session. Offline following each event, use our Educator Mission Guide to guide your learners through a short hands-on activity designed to ignite their curiosity and deepen their connection to wildlife locally.

The Explorer Classroom Wildlife Series will run weekly starting on November 2nd, featuring National Geographic Explorers who have dedicated their lives to wildlife conservation.  Events are recommended for student groups in grades 3-8 and will take place at 10am and 2pm ET on Thursdays; register for the time that works best for your class.  A recording of each event will be available to watch on-demand on our YouTube channel if your students cannot attend live. 

Dive into the Explorer Classroom Wildlife Series and inspire your students to explore the wild world around them! 

The Wildlife Series will air in advance of the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, celebrated on December 28. Below, find more information about each episode and how to register or view recordings. 

Photo courtesy of Christine Wilkinson

Carnivores and People | Christine Wilkinson | November 2, 2023 @10am and 2pm ET

Explorer Christine Wilkinson is a carnivore ecologist and conservation biologist interested in human-wildlife interactions. Join to learn how they track spotted hyenas in Kenya and coyotes in California, and what we can learn from mapping the animals’ movements!

Explorer headshot by Wyn Wiley

Filming Birds and Tide Pools | Christine Lin | November 9, 2023 @10am and 2pm ET

Explorer Christine Lin is a documentary filmmaker who focuses on marine conservation, birds, and indigenous storytelling. Her love for visual storytelling goes hand-in-hand with her passion for making our planet a more habitable home. Join for a closer look at how she explores the incredible world of birds and the hidden life of the mysterious animals in tide pools!

Photo courtesy of Roxanne Beltran

Tracking Elephant Seals | Roxanne Beltran | November 16, 2023 @10am and 2pm ET

Explorer Roxanne Beltran is a marine biologist, who researches elephant seals and how this incredible species migrates around the world. She seeks to understand when, why, and how marine animals do what they do in the context of their environments. Join to learn how Roxanne and her team track elephant seal movement, as they try to unlock the secret of how the seals find their way–and their way home–in a seemingly featureless ocean without a compass, a map, or group travel.

Photo by Cole Sartore

Building the Photo Ark | Joel Sartore | November 30, 2023 @10am and 2pm ET

Explorer, photographer, and founder of the Photo Ark Joel Sartore has taken portraits of 14,000 species — and counting — in his quest to document our world’s astonishing biodiversity! Join to learn more about his goal of documenting all of the approximately 20,000 species living in the world’s zoos, aquariums, and wildlife sanctuaries, and why this is important!

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