A Graduation Celebration to Remember

Heather Clifford and Laura Mattas, members of the National Geographic and Rolex Perpetual Planet Everest Expedition team, celebrate their graduation at Mount Everest. Photo courtesy of Heather Clifford

At 17,500 feet of elevation, two young scientists celebrated the graduation of a lifetime at the top of Mount Everest. 

For a few months in 2019, Heather Clifford and Laura Mattas were part of a scientific expedition led by the National Geographic Society and Tribhuvan University, and supported in partnership with Rolex that was the most comprehensive single scientific expedition to Mt. Everest in history. The graduates were part of a team that installed the two highest weather stations in the world, collected the highest ice core, and more. Despite their intense schedule to complete this vital research, the team took the time to celebrate special moments, including the graduation of two of their colleagues. Check out an interview about the festivities with the two expedition graduates here

For more information related to Everest, check out the details about the expedition and fun facts about Everest at the National Geographic Resource Library.  

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