Everest Expedition

News from Nat Geo: Everest Expedition Breaks Record

Did you catch the announcement on Thursday? From April to June 2019, an international team of scientists, climbers and storytellers, led by the National Geographic Society and Tribhuvan University and supported in partnership with Rolex, conducted a scientific expedition to Mount Everest, believed to be the most comprehensive single scientific expedition to the mountain in history. The multidisciplinary team installed the two highest weather stations in the world (at 8,430 meters and 7,945 meters), collected the highest-ever ice core (at 8,020 meters), conducted comprehensive biodiversity surveys at multiple elevations, completed the highest-elevation helicopter-based lidar scan, expanded the elevation records for high-dwelling species and documented the history of the mountain’s glaciers.

For more information on their expedition to explore and better understand this extreme environment, check out this announcement.

Want to inspire your students to learn more about Mount Everest? Here are a few resources from our Resource Library:

  • Name That Destination (Grades: 4-8)
    • This activity helps students learn about Mount Everest, and offers them the opportunity to think about what they know and want to know about the mountain.
  • Measuring Mount Everest (Grades: 9-12)
    • This activity invites students to build an inclinometer and use that tool to understand how surveyors measure Mount Everest.
    • Supplemental resource: George Mallory’s Wildest Dream
  • Altitude (Grades: 6-12, High Ed)
    • Teaching your students about altitude? This article is a great resource for information on altitude, air pressure, and why these terms are important when studying Mount Everest.
  • Expedition Clothing Then and Now (Grades: 4-8)
    • A great resource for geography, science, or social studies teachers, this activity helps students understand the types of clothing necessary for an Everest expedition.
    • Supplemental resource: Wildest Dream Photo Gallery  
  • Mount Everest Photograph (Grades: All)
    • This photograph shows the snow-covered peaks of Mount Everest.

Explore more Mount Everest educational resources in our Resource Library.

Everest Expedition
At 8,430 meters above sea level, the high-altitude expedition team celebrates after setting up the world’s highest operating automated weather station during National Geographic and Rolex’s 2019 Perpetual Planet Extreme Expedition to Mt. Everest. Learn more at http://www.natgeo.com/everest. Photo by Mark Fisher, National Geographic.


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