Introducing: Pearl Harbor Interactive Attack Map!

pearl1.JPGNational Geographic Education is excited to introduce our first interactive on the new website! Our breakout theme is a tribute to the 70 year anniversary of the Japanese attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  The interactive map, which had existed previously on and has been resurrected due to popular request from users, brings the past to life with streaming video and sound.  The interactive attack map, perfect for history and geography classrooms, engages students by taking them through the actual timeline of events, each of which is supplemented with photographs, biographies, and map images.  In addition to the interactive map, our extensive Pearl Harbor Collection includes:

pearl2.JPGWe invite you to experience history through interactive learning with this new Pearl Harbor collection. Discover the the stories behind the U.S.S. Arizona, the hero Dorrie Miller, and the reactions of millions of Americans to war. You too can honor this important event in American history by sharing it with your 5-12th grade classroom!

pearl4.JPGPhoto Credits: National Geographic Society, The National Park Service, The USS Arizona Memorial Photo Collection, and National Geographic Education.
–Julia from My Wonderful World

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    1. We unpublished this resource because it ran on Flash Player software, which Adobe has retired. You can access our full suite of free educational resources, including other interactives, at

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