Interns or Changemakers? These Bright Students Are Both

The National Geographic Society is thrilled to welcome 18 driven, talented, and compassionate interns this month. The academic achievements of our 2021 intern class are equaled only by their commitment to effecting positive change in their communities and the world at large. Continue reading Interns or Changemakers? These Bright Students Are Both

Learn About the Ocean – Anytime, Anywhere

Less than eight percent of the ocean is protected, and yet the ocean covers 70 percent of the planet. The ocean sustains life for all of us who live here, including more than half of the air we humans breathe. We gain food, jobs, travel, recreation, knowledge, growth, and innumerable opportunities from the ocean, and yet we do not give back all that we take. With 42% of the world’s population under the age of 25, we believe that young people and – you – the educators who reach them are key to addressing our planet’s most pressing problems and sustaining a thriving planet. But our greatest stewards of the ocean are learning in classrooms right this minute, and whether they are learning along coastlines or far from the ocean itself inland, and here’s some inspiration for how you can do this for our ocean from fellow educators. Continue reading Learn About the Ocean – Anytime, Anywhere

Slow Down… Explore!

Anyone can be an explorer and can notice interesting things about the world around them. You do not have to go somewhere far away or exotic, you just have to be curious and spend time looking. In today’s environment, a lot of people feel uncomfortable spending unstructured time outside and need help figuring out how to slow down. I worked with my teen volunteering group, the Green Teens, to explore this concept and come up with ways for parents to support their kids in spending time together outside. All of the activities that we developed together were posted on the Museum’s social media sites for parents to use. Families did not need to have access to a backyard or any sort of complicated materials.  Continue reading Slow Down… Explore!

Creating space to explore identity with students

This post was written by California educator Jorge Pacheco Jr.  I’ve always known that I was different. When I started kindergarten, I learned pretty quickly that school wasn’t the place for me. I was classified as an English learner and a special education student and a lot of stigma came from those labels. After the first day of kindergarten, when my dad came to pick … Continue reading Creating space to explore identity with students

10 Self-Care Tips From My Busy Life as a Youth Leader

Sanah Jivani, a member of the #GenGeo community, wrote this post. Cultivating a practice of self-care can be a powerful tool for youth leaders to stay grounded in their work. What better time to start than now, during Mental Health Awareness Month? I learned the importance of self-care beginning in middle school, when my hair fell out suddenly and I was diagnosed with alopecia universalis, … Continue reading 10 Self-Care Tips From My Busy Life as a Youth Leader