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Global Citizen, Explorer, Educator

This post was written by educator Kimi Waite. Read our Educator Spotlight on Kimi here. Hi everyone! I’m Kimberly Waite, but you can call me Kimi. I’m a global citizen, explorer, and educator. (Fabric fish seem to figure into Kimi’s life of exploration! —ed) My life’s passions are travel and exploration, and my most powerful teaching and learning experiences have occurred outside of the classroom … Continue reading Global Citizen, Explorer, Educator

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Eat An Alien Invader!

Defend your coastline from invasive species—enjoy a meal! It’s National Invasive Species Week! Invasive species—sometimes called “alien invaders”—are organisms that are not native to the places where they live. They compete so successfully in new ecosystems that they displace native species, and disrupt important processes like food webs. In the ocean, alien invaders can cause serious damage to habitats where seafood is caught or harvested. … Continue reading Eat An Alien Invader!

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11 Things We Learned This Week

This week, we learned … … an icy superhighway once carried glaciers from Namibia to Brazil. How did they drift apart?   … the Delta teacher shortage has reached crisis levels. What are trends that contribute to teacher shortages? How is National Geographic working to address them?   … for years, buckets full of uranium ore sat in a museum building at Grand Canyon National … Continue reading 11 Things We Learned This Week

Educator Spotlight: Connecting Across Cultures While Caring for the Planet

Mariano Zuk created an interdisciplinary unit for his kindergarten students with two main focuses: caring about the planet and collaborating with schools around the world. Among other hands-on projects, students created artwork, had a video call with an ocean expert, and co-created a story about Earth with classrooms around the world. Continue reading Educator Spotlight: Connecting Across Cultures While Caring for the Planet