Advance Your Learning Journey With These Newly Reopened Courses

Are you an educator from anywhere in the world who works with students in either a formal or informal setting? Do you want to connect with a global community of educators while transforming your teaching practice? If you answered yes to these questions, National Geographic’s free online courses for educators may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Six of our courses are paced and cohort-based, with a limited number of sections per year. Enrollment for winter 2022 is open now, and the courses begin on January 19.

Four of these courses center on the Geo-Inquiry Process, National Geographic’s innovative approach to project-based learning. In the Geo-Inquiry Process, students use geographic knowledge, perspectives, and practices to investigate issues and seek solutions to real issues impacting their communities. In these courses, which range in length from 15 hours over five weeks to 30 hours over seven weeks, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the Geo-Inquiry Process and concrete ideas for implementing each phase of the process with your learners. Celebrate Geography Awareness Week by enrolling today!

An additional two courses aim to help you develop new instructional skills and strategies, find high-quality resources, and connect with a community of educators committed to supporting each other’s growth:

In many of our courses, learners can also earn graduate credits through our university partnerships.

To read more about our courses, including others on applying geographic thinking skills, developing an Explorer Mindset, and using a variety of media—photography, video, audio, and graphics—to incorporate the power of storytelling into your teaching, visit our website.

National Geographic Education is celebrating Geography Awareness Week all week long on the Education Blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook. Check in regularly to hear from educators about their innovative and inspiring approaches to teaching geography, and learn how National Geographic tools and resources can help you empower your students to think geographically.

Featured image: Michael Nichols, National Geographic

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