Venus Flytraps Don’t Trap Insects that Pollinate Them


New research identifies the brave insects that pollinate carnivorous plants, and the fact that the trap and the flower don’t get much overlap traffic. (Washington Post)

For Venus flytraps, catching prey is as easy as one, two, three. Count on it with our study guide.

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We love this photo of Venus flytraps in their natural wetland habitat.
Photograph by Stuart Thornton, National Geographic

Discussion Ideas


Venus flytraps use “teeth,” triggers, and toxic juices to catch prey.
Illustration by Jenny Wang, National Geographic


  • How are Venus flytraps pollinated?
    • Like many plants, Venus flytraps have flowers. (Flytrap flowers bloom above the low-lying stems and leaf-traps.) Like many flowers, Venus flytraps rely on insects for pollination, a process called entomophily.





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