Media Monday: A *FUN* Focus on Vocabulary

Summertime is a great time of year—warm weather, no school, and family fun! But with summer comes the undeniable fact that kids can start to forget what they’ve learned throughout the year. Without continuing to practice learning, students may return to school in the fall having forgotten a few things. Take some time out today to think about what your kids may forget this summer. Does spelling … Continue reading Media Monday: A *FUN* Focus on Vocabulary

Journey to Freedom

The year is 1852. You are a slave working on a Maryland tobacco plantation. You belong to a stern farmer whose field you tend six long days a week. But not for much longer… What will you do? Make your choices well as you embark on your journey to freedom. We’ve updated the most popular interactive on our website. Your task is to start on … Continue reading Journey to Freedom

Interactive Olympics Tools

The 2008 Summer Olympics are finally here! If you’re as
captivated by this spectacle of talent and athleticism you’ll love the new interactive
Olympics tracker
available on the New York Times website. Now, you can explore the wide range
of sports being played and find exactly when events are scheduled to take
place. You can even create a list of your favorite sports to ensure that you don’t
miss a second of the action!

The website also allows you to access a really interesting
that displays the countries of the world based on the number of metals
they have won at each Olympic Games. Try
this: first click on the 1924 Olympic map, and then go to the map for 2004. You
should notice quite a difference.


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