Media Monday: A *FUN* Focus on Vocabulary

Summertime is a great time of year—warm weather, no school, and family fun!

But with summer comes the undeniable fact that kids can start to forget what they’ve learned throughout the year. Without continuing to practice learning, students may return to school in the fall having forgotten a few things.

Take some time out today to think about what your kids may forget this summer. Does spelling and vocabulary top your list? It should—what kid practices spelling over the summer? (Uh, this kind!—ed)

Keep your child focused on learning words throughout July and August with a few interactives on the National Geographic Education website!


National Geographic Education collaborated with to create 2 vocab-focused interactives that keep kids engaged with geography terms. Hang Mouse and Word-O-Rama allow kids to practice spelling and reading comprehension, and we’re hosting them on our website at various grade levels. Check out this collection of interactives to pick the interactive that best fits your child’s learning level.

Finally, take a look at our glossary to find more terms to keep your child engaged. Use online resources to build your own crossword puzzle or word search, which are great games that you can take with you on road trips!

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