Game of the Week—Challenge: Robots!

By Sara Zeglin

This game comes to you from National Geographic Education!

You’ll play as a new engineering employee—getting the basics of the engineering process, practicing robot construction, and leaning about the exciting ways in which robots are used outside the lab.

Join the Engineers in the Classroom at
Join the Engineers in the Classroom at
Why It’s Cool
Challenge: Robots! empowers players to make decisions in constructing robots. These decisions will directly determine whether or not your company’s robots will be successful on missions in the field.Am I Learning?
Of course! This game was designed with both feet firmly planted in reality. Each of the challenges was based on a real-life robotic application. (Yes, even the robotic bees.) This demonstrates that there are exciting robotics careers out there RIGHT NOW—not just far-off science fiction scenarios!Get to Work Playing Games!
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