Elementary Schoolers Explore Underwater Robotics

This week is Explorers Week, when National Geographic brings together some of the most interesting scientists and explorers making a difference in the world today. In honor of the occasion, the Education team challenged a group of local teachers to design an end-of-year project focusing on one of National Geographic’s 2016 Emerging Explorers. We’ll be sharing their class’ stories all week on the Education Blog. Educator: … Continue reading Elementary Schoolers Explore Underwater Robotics

Robot Mermaid Dives Deep

TECHNOLOGY Scientists have achieved a remarkable first: they have successfully sent a humanoid robot down to an ancient shipwreck to retrieve a delicate vase from the sunken vessel. (Guardian) What is a robot? Use our resources to find out. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas OceanOne, a “robot mermaid,” successfully navigated a shipwreck off the … Continue reading Robot Mermaid Dives Deep

Game of the Week—Challenge: Robots!

By Sara Zeglin This game comes to you from National Geographic Education! You’ll play as a new engineering employee—getting the basics of the engineering process, practicing robot construction, and leaning about the exciting ways in which robots are used outside the lab. Why It’s Cool Challenge: Robots! empowers players to make decisions in constructing robots. These decisions will directly determine whether or not your company’s robots … Continue reading Game of the Week—Challenge: Robots!

Google Science Fair Winners

SCIENCE Think about what you love, what you’re good at, and what you really want to change. Think about entering Google Science Fair 2015. But first, think about how these young scientists are changing the world, from world hunger to environmental clean-ups. (Google Science Fair) Use our resources to see where science can take your career. And the winners are . . . Natural Bacteria … Continue reading Google Science Fair Winners

Tiny Drone Flies Like a Jellyfish

TECHNOLOGY The latest tiny robot may not be sleek or stylish, but it’s certainly a departure from the usual flying robot design. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to understand how nature can inspire engineers—a process called biomimicry. Discussion Ideas What is a vortex, or vortex ring? What do vortices have to do with how a jelly moves? Read the middle section of the Nat … Continue reading Tiny Drone Flies Like a Jellyfish