GeoData Policy: Developing the Geospatial Workforce

The GeoData Policy Blog provides news on the intersection of geospatial information science, technology, law and society.

Do we have a sufficient geospatial workforce to meet national needs and spur innovation? Several efforts by the National Geospatial Advisory Committee, NRC Mapping Science Committee, ASPRS, Association of American Geographers, and others are exploring this issue.

Geospatial Occupations

    * United States Department of Labor (Employment and Training Administration), GeospatialTechnology Competency Model (June 2010).
    * US Department of Labor’s O*NET Online, Search on “Geospatial”
    * DOL Grant to “Define and Communication Geospatial Industry Workforce Demand

    * Geospatial Occupations Q&A Part 1, October 20, 2010
    * Geospatial Occupations Q&A Part 2, October 26, 2010
    * GIS Job Market Predictions, Directions Magazine, 2004

National Geospatial Advisory Committee – Workforce Development Subcommittee

    * Geospatial Workforce Development Subcommittee Update, June 2010
    * Geospatial Workforce Development Subcommittee Update, September 2010

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