Thursday Blog-a-thon Wrap Up

Happy Friday everyone! We are nearing the end of Geography Awareness Week 2010 and the second annual Blog-a-thon. A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed, read, and commented on the entries so far. You have all helped to make this year’s GA Week Blog-a-thon a success! Here is a wrap up of the blog posts we saw yesterday:

Sean O’Connor: I Am a Citizen of the….Anacostia River?
Jennifer Vaughan: A Geographic Approach to Avian Conservation
Carmen Silva: Analyzing Accessible Health Services and Income Related to Maternal Mortality Rates in Puerto Rico from 2002 to 2004
Healthy Waters for EPA’s Mid-Atlantic Region: Regional Geographic: Mapping Our Waters for Environmental Protection (
Sarah Brumble for Atlas Obscura: Locating One’s Place in the World: Macro and Micro Cartography Across the Ages (
GeoData Policy: Developing the Geospatial Workforce (

Stay tuned for fantastic travel stories, more GA Week event summaries, thoughts on geography and freshwater, and the Friday Mystery Quiz!

Disclaimer: Geography Awareness Week Blog-a-Thon submissions represent the views of the individual contributors, and not necessarily those of National Geographic Education. While all posts have been reviewed for appropriateness, they have not been fact-checked or extensively edited.

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