Save Geography Education in Italy!

“We the undersigned believe that to deprive ourselves of the knowledge
systems supplied by geography, in a society that is increasingly
globalised and complex, means depriving students of knowledge that is absolutely essential if they are to face the challenges of the

Sign the petition to save Italian geography education here.

Italy is engaged in a process of education reform this week, and many in the Italian geographic education community fear the proposed budget cuts could have severe consequences for geography curriculum nationwide.

One Italian friend pleads:

are trying to let the public know that geographical culture is fundamental in
every country, in particular in present time and in a globalized societies.

To cut geography does not mean to cut cost: it
means to cut our culture and our potential to face the challenges of the world.

We will appreciate very much if you may subscribe our petition  and if you can help us to let it
circulate as much as possible in your geographic society and in your country.
Thank you very much!” [sic]

My Wonderful World is happy to oblige. After all, fostering knowledge
of the world’s human and environmental systems is not just a critical
national education priority, but an international necessity as well.
MWW members: Please help us save geography education in Italy!

Sarah Jane for My Wonderful World

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