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For 22 years, teachers and administrators, technology experts and industry leaders, students and parents from across the United States have gathered to collaborate, learn, and share innovative uses of geospatial tools and technology across the curriculum.

Join us March 4, 5, and 6, 2010, at the GeoTech 22nd annual “Technology in Education” Conference!


We are excited for this opportunity to exchange ideas and hands-on experience, using technology, to support your work in the classroom. This year, as always, we have top-notch technology and content presentations, as well as two renowned speakers: Ben Osborne is traveling from the U.K. to present his award-winning photos from his travels with the BBC “Planet Earth” project, along with his Antarctic travels with Sir David Attenborough, and his Greenland expeditions with Inuit hunters.  Mr. Osborne will be with us for the entire three days of GeoTech. He will also provide a stimulating Friday night presentation at the Museum of Nature and Science IMAX Theater, and will work with teachers and students during the conference. 


Our second speaker, Chad Pregracke, put environmentalism into action in his own backyard along the mighty Mississippi River as a teenager.  His passion has translated into the nationwide, volunteer river-cleanup organization, “Living Lands and Waters.”  Mr. Pregracke has delivered more than 300 presentations to corporate, public, and student audiences worldwide, emerging as a strong, articulate, and passionate voice for making a difference–one person at a time.

During the two power-packed, pre-conference days–Thursday and Friday–there will be twenty half-day, hands-on sessions covering a comprehensive range of content and technology-driven topics.  This is the perfect opportunity to update or add to your technology repertoire for your classroom.
Friday night will highlight Ben Osborne’s presentation of “Dog Days and Lion Nights.”  Saturday highlights Chad Pregracke as keynote, plus forty dynamic sessions in enhancing science, geography, history, humanities, art and ethics through the use of technology.

There will also be dedicated time for exhibits, college fair, and student poster sessions,  along with a fabulous giveaway drawing at the end of the conference.  Visit the website to get descriptions of the sessions, schedules and more.  
We look forward to seeing you in Dallas! 

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