Ford Cochran- Chicken Soup for the Mind: Home Zone

Environmental scientist, educator, and writer Ford Cochran conducted fieldwork at Mt. St. Helens, on Hawaii’s volcanoes, and in its rain forests, savannas, and deserts while a Yale graduate student. He was an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky before coming to the Geographic to help launch in 1996. Ford has joined National Geographic expeditions to Iceland, the Mediterranean, Florida, California, Costa Rica, the Canadian Rockies, and the Pacific Northwest. He has produced more than 100 online applications and documentary websites, written for National Geographic magazine, and is now an editorial director and editor of National Geographic BlogWild.

The H1N1/swine flu outbreak has prompted officials to close hundreds of
schools across the United States and left thousands of kids and teens
(both sick and well) stranded at home. The U.S. Department of Education
has recommended that schools and parents help students continue learning while they’re
home, and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called on educational
publishers to support the effort.

National Geographic has responded with Home Zone–two hours of programming each weekday plus streaming programs online from the National Geographic Channel, with companion activity guides from National Geographic School Publishing.

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