Kate Strassman and Students- “From there, India looked like a man wearing a dhoti”

Special Note: My sister Kate lives and teaches in India. I told her about the Blog-a-thon, and she was inspired to have her students write about geography! Thanks for sending these, Kate!

I am an English teacher at Primrose
School in Puducherry. We are in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, on
the Indian Ocean. In the spirit of Geography Awareness Week, I gave
all my students the creative writing assignment, “If you could fly,
where would you go and what would you see?” I was curious how my
students would describe their land from up above. Would they write
about water buffalo glistening after the monsoon rains, women weaving
garlands of jasmine blossoms to wear in their hair, or business men
smearing white ash kum-kums on their foreheads in devotion to Shiva at the temple before they go to the office? My students’
stories are as diverse as India itself. Enjoy!
–Kate Strassman


Map drawn by M. Sanchanaa, 6th Standard

The Great Secret
During my Diwali holiday, I
went to my balcony to take some waste materials out of my backpack.
Inside I found a gadget. It was a flying gadget! I put on the gadget
and turned on the switch. I flew high and could control my flight
with the gadget! I looked down and everything looked like ants. There
were no sounds except the eagles crying. When I moved north I saw
many cities, 5 planes, 2 jets and I even saw Shree Hari Kota (India’s
rocket manufacturing and repairing area). I saw Mount Everest and
when I got there the climate was very cold, but my gadget helped keep
me warm. I was on the peak of Mount Everest!

Then I changed my journey
and went to Japan. I crossed many oceans to get there, and I saw 3
blue whales, many dolphins and sharks. I landed on an island for
lunch and to power the fuel of my gadget. There were tribes on the
island and I took some photos, then again started my journey to

When I reached Japan, I
took many photos and ate sushi, a famous food in Japan. I decided to
go to Mount Fuji but I saw the Japanese army and they caught me!
Thank God I had my passport and the general was my uncle! I got to
Mount Fuji and spent the night there. In the morning, I saw many
animals. Before I left I went to a temple and saw different kinds of
gods. After that, I decided to go home. Japan looked like a tail from
up high.

Then I was home, back on my
balcony. I removed my suit and pretended to sleep, because if my mom
knew what had happened I would be dead! After some time, my mother
came and woke me up. But my mother did not know the secret.

–G.L. Maheshaa, 5th

If I Could Fly

One day I sat on a unicorn,
and suddenly it started flying. It took me to the top of India. From
there, India looked like a man wearing a dhoti. It took me around the
earth. Earth was so big! I caught clouds and they looked like cotton
candy. The ocean looked like a blue cloth on the earth. The mountains
looked like thorns on a rose stem. I saw a volcano pop, it was smoky.
I saw Venus, Mars, Saturn, and the Sun. They were colorful. A few
asteroids came to Mars. The moon had tons of cheese. I wore a pink
frock. My unicorn was beautiful.

I went to Paris and saw the
top of the Eiffel tower. Then I landed in China where I saw a man
wearing pyjamas in the morning. Then I traveled to Mount Everest. It
was so cold! I travelled to the U.S. and landed on a mountain. Over
there I played with snow. I made snow men, snow angels and lots of
other things. My unicorn and I were very hungry so we ate some
fruits. Then I went to Egypt. The king of Egypt saw us and gave us
some food. He also gave us jewels, diamonds and cloth. Then we came
back home. I told the whole story, just as it happened, and made a

–Shravani, 5th

The Albatross

If I could fly, I would fly
near my house. I will look like a bird that begins with an “A”.
Can you guess it? I am an Albatross! When I’m flying I will see lots
and lots of animals, people, trees, aeroplanes, and other beautiful,
colorful birds. I will fly over the ocean and I will catch fish to
give to my mom. She will fry the fish and it will feed all the
members of my family. I will help my family by buying vegetables and
taking my parents to work. I will also fly to school! I believe that
one day my brother will also be able to fly like me. I enjoy myself
very much with my flying activity.

One day while flying,
suddenly a heavy rain came. There was a zoo complex so I went down. A
man thought I belonged to the zoo so he put me in a cage and locked
me up. All the people saw me. Luckily there was a government
telephone, so I called my mom and dad. They came and released me.
That’s the end of my adventure. Thank you, and have a nice day!

–V. Mirdhulla, 4th

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Photo: Mridulla, Maheshaa, Shravani, and Marc

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  1. The Great Secret
    If I Could Fly . Gives us an idea to what extent the kids mind can stretch in a wonderful expression called imagination.
    Well written . If children are given the power of governance Iam more than certain there wouldn’t be any denudation / erosion / inundation in any of our earths location.
    Salutations to Kate Strassman & her team

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