Geography: There’s an App for That

I’d like to highlight this comment from one of our readers,”Brian”:

Hello, I’m a father of two and a high school history and geography
teacher. You may be interested to know that there are a fair number of
educational games out there for the iPhone that do a good job of making
it fun for students and people of all ages to improve their knowledge
of world geography. My kids are too young to have their own iphones but
I let them play with mine. I can recommend a game called Geotap which
is for the iPhone (and allegedly also works on the iPod Touch). Great
fun game that teaches you where cities and famous landmarks are. It’s
good to know that there are some games being created nowadays that are
not just about pure entertainment or blowing up things.


Brian’s suggestion for geographic learning is a great segue into a guest blog post from Kerry Jones, a homeschooler who answered our request for submissions. Come back tomorrow to hear about “Geography Envy” from Kerry, and send your stories of geographic learning at home, outdoors, and on-the-go to

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