Geography: There’s an App for That

I’d like to highlight this comment from one of our readers,”Brian”: Hello, I’m a father of two and a high school history and geography teacher. You may be interested to know that there are a fair number of educational games out there for the iPhone that do a good job of making it fun for students and people of all ages to improve their knowledge … Continue reading Geography: There’s an App for That

The iPhone Goes Global–Beyond Sales!



If you’ve been watching T.V. lately, you’ve probably noticed a
slew of iPhone commercials sandwiched in-between campaign ads. Apple and
AT&T have been running frequent commercials for the latest version of the
iPhone that double as “how-to” videos. In addition to convincing wary costumers of the simplicity of the
iPhone’s technology, the ads also showcase the phone’s ability to act as a work calendar, mp3 player, or even a map.

But some educators are taking these functions one step
further and incorporating the iPhone’s diverse technology into the classroom. Ollie Bray, the head teacher at Musselburg Grammar
School in East Lothian, Scotland,
writes a blog
about his teaching experiences. His latest series is a set of posts on how to
use the iPhone while “on location” in the field.

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