Can the Power of Film Bring the World Together?


Next Saturday 24 short films, 7 concerts, and 13 visionary
speeches will be broadcast simultaneously around the world. This global event, called Pangea Day in reference to the ancient
super-landmass that all the current continents once comprised, seeks to
overcome borders, difference, and conflict by allowing people to see the world
through others’ eyes.

The featured films include animated shorts, non-fiction
exposes, and a creative series of national anthems sung by non-nationals (e.g. a French chorus sings the
Star Spangled Banner
). Trailers for
all films are available here.

Events begin at 18:00 GMT Saturday, May 10 (that’s 2 pm EST)
in the cities of Cairo, Kigali
(Rwanda), London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro. If you don’t live in or near
one of the cities listed, no worries! The six events will be broadcast in seven
languages worldwide via internet, mobile phone, and television; and there are
thousands of local viewing parties open to the public, hosted by Friends of
Pangea Day. Check out the interactive
to find an event in your local area. Or, sign up to host your own!

In further service of its mission to bring the world
together, Pangea encourages those inspired by Pangea Day to participate in
community-building activities around the world. The website will offer opportunities to connect activists with
organizations, as well as open forums for discussion.

To learn more about Pangea Day, check out Hope to see you there!

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