Five for Friday

National Parks Week April 19-27

for an outdoor activity this weekend? Check out one of the National Parks. In
celebration of National Parks Week, many parks are hosting events and programs
including Junior Ranger Day, April 26. To find out what is going on at a National
Park near you click here.

2] Asia
is the World’s Cradle for New Strains of Flu
Associated Press Hosted by Google

you ever wonder where the flu starts, how it travels, or where it ends? Scientists
at the U.S. National Institutes of Health have mapped paths of new influenza
strains. Researchers have found the strains typically travel from their birth
place in Asia, then cross continents until they die out in

3]World’s Oldest Living Tree —
9550 years old — Discovered In Sweden
”  Science Daily

including Leif Kullman, Professor of Physical Geography at
Umeå University ,
discovered a spruce tree with genetic material dating back 9,550 years in the
Fulu Mountains
Dalarna,Sweden. Prior to this find
scientists believed the world’s oldest trees were pine trees in
North America dating 4,000 to 5,000 years.

State of the
Democratic Primary – April 23rd 2008

you are a Democrat or a Republican, this election year is probably one of the
in history. Political has put
together several maps and charts to demons
trate the geography of each
candidate’s progress.

‘The Geography of Light” Carrie Newcomer, folk artist.

singer Carrie Newcomer released her new album “The Geography of Light” this
year. Though the album is not a geography lesson, it is about “navigating and
exploring the appearance of light and shadow in our lives.” Also, it sports a
few titles this geographer appreciates, such as “There is a Tree” and “A Map of

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