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Image courtesy of Little Smarties


Friday, we’re serving up five of our favorite geographic videos for your viewing
pleasure. We’ve managed to compile a diverse list that runs the gambit from
slightly silly to ambitiously educational. Enjoy!

1. Geography Promo Video #1:
A group of students from the
Czech Republic explain why “We Love Geography.”


2. Geography Promo Video #2:
The Royal Geographical Society and the
Institute of British
present: “Going Places with Geography
Part 1: Progression and Careers with Geography.”


3. This Fed Ex Commercial may
seem purely comedic, but it in fact highlights a serious problem: Nearly 1 in 3
young Americans can’t find China,
one of the world’s fastest growing economic powerhouses, on a map of the world
(National Geographic Roper 2006). How embarrassing!

4. Blast from the Past #1:
Carmen Sandiego’s “Rockapella” sings the theme song from the hit television
series. “Where in the world is____ ____?”

5. Blast from the Past #2:
The Animaniacs’ Yakko sings a song naming all the countries of the world.
Pretty impressive!

Sarah for My Wonderful World

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