Author Explores a ‘Gateway to Freedom’

UNITED STATES Historian Eric Foner’s new book, Gateway to Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad, explores “[t]he struggle of people to make this a better country.” (NPR) Explore the Underground Railroad as a runaway slave in our Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom interactive. Teachers, use the interactive’s Educator Guide to help students engage with the activity. Discussion Ideas Explore our Underground Railroad interactive. … Continue reading Author Explores a ‘Gateway to Freedom’

Journey to Freedom

The year is 1852. You are a slave working on a Maryland tobacco plantation. You belong to a stern farmer whose field you tend six long days a week. But not for much longer… What will you do? Make your choices well as you embark on your journey to freedom. We’ve updated the most popular interactive on our website. Your task is to start on … Continue reading Journey to Freedom