Be a GeoWeek Campus Representative!

We’re looking for college and university students who are passionate about geography and want to share the message of its importance with others. JOIN US IN THIS CAMPAIGN!!! WHAT:  Highlight geography on your campus during Geography Awareness Week (Nov. 17-23). WHY: To earn your National Geographic GeoWeek Campus Representative Certificate and become more involved in your Geography Department (i.e. give your faculty something awesome to write … Continue reading Be a GeoWeek Campus Representative!

The 2012 Geography Awareness Week Blog-A-Thon!

It’s finally here! The 2012 Blog-A-Thon has begun! Follow along all week for interesting perspectives on geography awareness and interdependence from all over the world! Want to participate? It’s not too late! Submit your own blog and join in on the fun! We will take submissions through Friday, November 16th at 8 pm! Send all submissions to Continue reading The 2012 Geography Awareness Week Blog-A-Thon!

Guerilla Geography Hangout — LIVE!

Think geography is just about reading maps and memorizing the names of places? Don’t tell that to Daniel Raven-Ellison. A self-described “guerrilla geographer” and Nat Geo Emerging Explorer, Raven-Ellison believes in challenging students to think differently about the world around them! Sound interesting? Checkout this exciting Google Hangout and watch as Daniel and other explorers in New Zealand and the Untied Kingdom perform live guerilla … Continue reading Guerilla Geography Hangout — LIVE!

The 2012 Geography Awareness Week BLOG-A-THON!

  It’s time for our annual Blog-A-Thon, and WE WANT YOU! Every year during Geography Awareness Week, National Geographic Education hosts a blog-a-thon, in which we feature blog posts from students, parents, scientists, scout troops, geographers, geography-enthusiasts, explorers and more! Do you have a job in geography? Do you study geography? Do you just plain LOVE geography? Write us a blog of roughly 300-500 words … Continue reading The 2012 Geography Awareness Week BLOG-A-THON!