Talking Evolution: Are We Still Evolving?

As a biology teacher who is a passionate proponent of teaching evolution as the backbone of my classes, I constantly get bombarded by students with tons of evolution questions. I do a lot of work correcting their misconceptions and clarifying some of the more nuanced aspects of evolutionary theory. YES, evolution IS a theory and here’s why that is a GOOD thing. Perhaps my favorite … Continue reading Talking Evolution: Are We Still Evolving?

Crazy for Cronuts

FOOD Consider the cronut: With the looks of a doughnut and the inner workings of a croissant, this confectionary hybrid has become a near-global sensation since it debuted in New York City in May. (National Geographic News) Scroll down to VOTE for your favorite foodie mash-up! The cronut is a true geographic grocery treat, owing its culinary history to European bakers, Ottoman invaders, and an innate … Continue reading Crazy for Cronuts

A Not-So Prominent Thanksgiving Tradition

Pizza.jpgWhen I think of Thanksgiving, only one word comes to mind: pizza. A little strange, right? Here’s why: for all but one Thanksgiving that I have celebrated, I have eaten delicious, homemade, whole-wheat pizza. The tradition of eating pizza on Thanksgiving in my family dates back to 1975 when my parents celebrated their first Thanksgiving together, away from their families. Aside from one of my sisters, who doesn’t exactly enjoy the whole-wheat pizza and usually opts for a turkey sandwich for dinner, the rest of my family has embraced the tradition. So, in honor of the 35th anniversary of my family’s Thanksgiving pizza, and to change the pace for those of you who are a little bit sick of hearing about sweet potatoes, turkey, cranberry sauce, and green beans, I thought I would explore the history and geography of my favorite holiday meal.

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