Geo-games: Old school style

Subscribe to this blog’s feed   Images courtesy of and An old favorite gets a face-lift for the new millennium, and a geographic “twist” tests more than just flexibility. “Has anyone ever heard of the geo safari? That brilliant little toy when I was a kid is the reason I know every country and capital today.” This query from a member of the … Continue reading Geo-games: Old school style

Geography + Technology = Statetris!

Looking for a fun way to learn to locate the states? When I was younger, I had a puzzle of the 50 states that I used to put together. But I think I’ve found a game that’s even more enjoyable: Statetris! A throwback to one of the most popular video games of my youth, “Statetris” (State + Tetris= Statetris) works just like the classic. States … Continue reading Geography + Technology = Statetris!

What’s New on

You may have noticed that we’ve added a couple of new features to One is Back to School: Global Schools, Global Students, which has tools and resources for you—whether you’re a teacher, student, or parent—to use all year. It’s got a special My Wonderful World-PTA Kit, plus information on how teens can become international journalists. Another new section is Games & Cool Stuff, which … Continue reading What’s New on