Weekly Warm-Up: Your Community Migration Story

Which is more important: understanding where you are from or understanding the world beyond that place? Trick question. In our increasingly interconnected world, it is becoming more and more important for our students to both understand their own community and how it connects and compares to a broader world. A Community Migration Story In this activity, students have an opportunity to make these connections through … Continue reading Weekly Warm-Up: Your Community Migration Story

The World in a City

Toronto-based photographer and former high school geography and psychology teacher, Colin Boyd Shafer, stopped by National Geographic headquarters to talk about Cosmopolis Toronto, a documentary project that reveals the true diversity of Toronto through photography, stories, and mapping. See ideas below for how you, too, can connect your students to their communities and the world.   Can you find the world in one city? Inspired … Continue reading The World in a City

Mapping Monday: How Votes Moved Many

When it comes to midterm elections, what do your students think? Are they confused as to why the elections are being held without a presidential race? Or are they tuned in to the fact that the officials elected during midterm elections can have a great impact on the future of their local communities? Do they realize that some of the officials elected during midterm elections have influence … Continue reading Mapping Monday: How Votes Moved Many

What are America’s Best ‘Geosites’?

GEOGRAPHY Members of the British public were asked to vote for the “geo-sites” they felt had done the most to shape the landscape and cultural heritage of the United Kingdom. Now what about the US? (The Telegraph) Take a look through our geography resources and choose your favorites in the 10 geosite categories listed below. What are some landscapes that help define the United States? Why? There … Continue reading What are America’s Best ‘Geosites’?

Jump Mama: National Poetry Month

ARTS April is National Poetry Month, a time of year when “schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and poets throughout the United States band together to celebrate poetry and its vital place in American culture.” Listen to Kurtis Lamkin read his short poem “jump mama,” and follow along with the text. Lamkin is an American poet working in the style of ancient West African griots. A griot (GREE-oh) … Continue reading Jump Mama: National Poetry Month