You Won’t Believe the Source of the World’s Most Sustainable Salmon

BUSINESS When you hear the term “sustainable seafood,” you might envision a fisherman pulling catch from a pristine sea. But the most sustainable Atlantic salmon are not caught. And they’re not from the sea. (TIME) Use our resources to learn more about sustainable seafood. Discussion Ideas Where are the sources world’s “most sustainable” sources of Atlantic salmon? According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch … Continue reading You Won’t Believe the Source of the World’s Most Sustainable Salmon

The Old Man and the River

ENVIRONMENT Powerful Montana Sen. Max Baucus (D) is working with his state’s other Congressmen on a bipartisan bill to protect the North Fork Flathead River. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to explore the North Fork and better understand watershed ecology. Discussion Ideas The bill supported by Sen. Baucus is called the North Fork Watershed Protection Act. Are students familiar with the concept of a … Continue reading The Old Man and the River

A Rare Spirit Bear Sighting

A rare spirit bear, also known paradoxically as the “white black bear,” was spotted during a National Geographic Expeditions small-ship trip last weekend through the Inside Passage of British Columbia, southeast of Alaska. The expedition to Alaska, British Columbia, and the San Juan Islands, is a 12-day biannual trip aboard one of two vessels: the National Geographic Sea Lion and the National Geographic Sea Bird. This incredible experience affords travelers a chance to explore the wilderness by Zodiac, by kayak, and on foot, with a team of naturalists and a National Geographic photographer.
SB050512b.gif                        Spirit Bear in British Columbia. Photo by Justin Hofman. 

During this most recent excursion, which just concluded this month, several whale sightings were tallied as the Sea Bird traversed northward through the islands and straights of maritime British Columbia on her way to Alaska. This landscape has been described as “an unspoiled labyrinth of tiny islands, spectacular fiords, and abundant wildlife.” This is a land where wolves can fish, deer have been known to swim, and black bears are sometimes white.


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