Firecam! Just Another Day at Nat Geo …

Video and text courtesy our own Eric Berkenpas!

Watch our Remote Imaging Team test a fireproof camera housing!

Designed by engineer Mike Shepard and built by machinist Mohsen Ahmed, the boxy little beauty above can withstand outside temperatures of 1000° Celsius (2000° Fahrenheit). Inside the housing, it’s a comfortable 27° Celsius (80° Fahrenheit)!

Don’t try this at home! The Firecam was built for Nat Geo photographer Mark Thiessen, who was on assignment in Alaska shooting forest fires. The test was performed in a special vented room designed for welding metals.

Teachers, we just read a terrific article from the good folks at Edutopia about the importance of “attendance questions.” This video might be a good starter for quick, no-wrong-answer attendance questions like:

  • Where would you use the Firecam?
  • Who besides photographers might use the Firecam?
  • What other extreme environments might need special camera housing?

Curious about the engineers, gadgets, and gizmos inside the Nat Geo tech lab? Take a look at this NatGeoLive video!

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