Who’s going to the Galápagos?

It could be your student! An incredible celebration of science and young ingenuity is back, and your students ages 13-18 are invited to join the 2015 Google Science Fair.

Of special note, the National Geographic Explorer Award will go to the top project in the categories of flora & fauna, food science and earth & environmental sciences. The winner will receive a 10-day National Geographic Expedition to the Galápagos. Amazing.

National Geographic Explorer TH Culhane will also be joining the Google Science Fair as a judge for the 5th year in a row.

New to the fair this year, Google is introducing the Inspiring Educator Award which will recognize a teacher responsible for inspiring students to try, and encouraging them to succeed.

Additional student prizes include $100,000 in scholarships and classroom grants, an opportunity to visit LEGO designers at their Denmark headquarters, and the chance to witness a Virgin Galactic spaceship launch at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

Ideas that have the potential to make a big impact often start as something small, inspired from the world around you. Something you love, you’re good at, and want to try. The previous winners have blown us away with their ideas. But now it’s your chance to turn the world on its head.

Galapagos Sea Lion (Zalophus wollebaeki)
Galapagos Sea Lion. Photo by Michael S. Nolan

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