Latitude, Longitude and Temperature

Latitude and longitude make up the grid system that helps humans identify absolute, or exact locations on the Earth’s surface. Latitude and longitude are also helpful in explaining climate patterns.

Take a look at this outline map and think about what you already know about temperatures around the world. Which areas are warmest?  Which are coldest?

Now think about longitude and latitude. How do they help you to identify specific locations? How do they explain general climate patterns?

Use this great activity to teach your family why latitude and longitude are helpful map tools and show them how latitude and longitude can help identify temperature.

Find the full activity here: Latitude, Longitude and Temperature

For further discussion:

Once your family has completed the activity, have them take a look at the photos below. Can you tell the temperature of these places from looking at these photos? Can you guess where they are, based on that temperature?


Coming Storm - 2012-10-19_165337_places.jpg

Photograph by: Weihao Pan, MyShot

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Photograph by: Tim Starr, MyShot

Featured photograph by: Michelle Valberg, MyShot

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