Wednesday Blog-a-thon Wrap Up

Three days down, two to go. So far, GA Week and Blog-a-thon 2010 have been huge successes! Thank you to everyone who has been participating in, supporting, and promoting Geography Awareness Week. Here is a wrap up of the blog posts we saw on Wednesday:

Mary Ellen Adlam: Florida Geographic Alliance Kicks Off GA Week
Daniel Raven-Ellison: Mission:Explore Freshwater With Your Class
Barbaree Ash Duke: Water, Water Everywhere: Cross-Curricular Approaches to Studying Water (
Jesse Rouse for VerySpatial: Remote Sensing and Freshwater (
Ticia Messing: How to Create a State Study for Little Guys (
Cody Lonning: Moving Past ITT Tech (
John Krygier: A Crooked Stick Straightened: Map Making as Juvenile Delinquent Reform (
Cheryl Henderson Khalid: Five Ways to Take Geography from Nay to Yay!
Marcy Prager: Studying the Hopi in a Second Grade Classroom

Today we’ll be reading about a range of topics from watershed citizenship to how the EPA deals with water issues to more GA Week events happening across the country. Don’t forget to tune in – their are only two days left of the Blog-a-thon!

Disclaimer: Geography Awareness Week Blog-a-Thon submissions represent the views of the individual contributors, and not necessarily those of National Geographic Education. While all posts have been reviewed for appropriateness, they have not been fact-checked or extensively edited.

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