Emerging Explorers: The New Class

EE1_.jpgEE2_Shapiro.jpgNational Geographic just announced its new class of Emerging Explorers yesterday.

Left: Herpetologist/Toxinologist Zoltan Takacs
Right: Molecular Biologist Beth Shapiro

Fourteen visionary, young trailblazers from around the world — including an electrical engineer, a musician, a bioarchaeologist, a mobile technology innovator and a herpetologist — are among the 2010 awardees.

“National Geographic’s mission is to inspire people to care about the planet, and our Emerging Explorers are outstanding young leaders whose endeavors further this mission. We are pleased to support them as they set out on promising careers. They represent tomorrow’s Edmund Hillarys, Jacques Cousteaus and Dian Fosseys,” said Terry Garcia, National Geographic’s executive vice president for Mission Programs.

We in Education, a part of the “Missions Programs” branch that encompasses non-profit work in research, exploration, conservation, public programs, education, and grantmaking, are just as thrilled as EVP Terry Garcia about the addition of these leading-edge innovators to our family. We hope to work with many of them in our educational outreach over the coming years, so stay tuned for news on upcoming projects!

More on the 2010 Explorers:

The 2010 Emerging Explorers are environmental scientist Saleem H. Ali;
mobile technology innovator Ken Banks; wildlife biologist Aparajita
Datta; agroecologist Jerry Glover; bioarchaeologist Christine Lee;
research scientist and engineer Albert Yu-Min Lin; paleontologist
Bolortsetseg Minjin; educator and activist Kakenya Ntaiya; electrical
engineer Aydogan Ozcan; musician and activist Feliciano dos Santos;
molecular biologist Beth Shapiro; wildlife researcher and
conservationist Emma Stokes; herpetologist-toxinologist Zoltan Takacs;
and marine biologist and conservationist Jose Urteaga.

The new Emerging Explorers are introduced in the June 2010 issue of
National Geographic magazine. A Web feature at
http://www.nationalgeographic.com/emerging includes comprehensive
profiles of the explorers.

More on the Emerging Explorers Program:
National Geographic’s Emerging Explorers Program recognizes and
supports uniquely gifted and inspiring adventurers, scientists,
photographers and storytellers making a significant contribution to
world knowledge through exploration while still early in their careers.
The Emerging Explorers each receive a $10,000 award to assist with
research and to aid further exploration. PNY Technologies is a
presenting sponsor of the Emerging Explorers Program and a National
Geographic Mission Partner for Exploration & Adventure. The program
is made possible in part by the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation, which
has supported the program since its inception in 2004.

Read the official National Geographic press release in full, here.

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