Look Who’s Been Talking about Geography Awareness Week


Of course, we all know that Geography Awareness Week is kind
of a big deal. But it seems the rest of the world is catching on, too.

We’ve been scouring the media landscape for editorial
coverage of Geography Awareness Week, or “counting clips” as they say in the
world of public relations, and we’ve unearthed quite an abundance of articles.
So far we’ve identified over 100 Geography Awareness Week mentions in blogs and
newspapers, podcasts, radio segments, twitter feeds, and other media formats.

Here’s a quick sampling:

5 DC
– Nov. 18th, Holly Morris
In My Wonderful World’s (MWW) hometown of Washington, D.C., we celebrated Geography
Awareness Week by putting students on the map, literally. National Geographic’s
giant maps traveled around to D.C. schools, and Holly Morris of the local Fox
affiliate got in on the action at Cardozo High School. Check out
the entertaining video clips from her visit.

Chicago Tribune–Nov 16th, Alfred
Geography Awareness Week quiz special

The Capitol Times – Madison,  WI, Nov. 10
MWW Public Engagement Coordinator (PEC) for
Wisconsin Carlo Kumpula wrote a letter to the editor
highlighting the importance of geographic education during Geography Awareness
Week. Great job Carlo!

Marcos Daily Record
– San
Marcos, Texas– Nov.
won Texas’
annual Geography Awareness Week poster contest? Read the article to find out!

Spatial Blog
In a
ten minute interview, MWW Campaign Manager Anne Pollard gave Very Spatial the
411 on Geography Awareness Week and the importance of geographic education.


Nov. 13, Matt Rosenberg
First see what Matt had to say about Geography Awareness
Week on his website; then see how he
answered my oh-so-provocative questions on the MWW
during our careers focused Q&A.


Intelligent Travel Blog
Our very good friends at
National Geographic’s  Intelligent
Travel gave us some serious love during Geographic Awareness Week.

ESRI ArcWatch
– October 2008, Sarah Caban
Geography Awareness Week preview written by
yours truly, published in leading geospatial software provider ESRI’s

Nat Geo Maps blog

Following the
EF’s educational travel blog
A very nice write-up from our friends at EF
Educational Travel. Thanks guys!

Lat Long Blog

The official Google Earth blog highlights our interactive
KML geo-tours for use with –you guessed it–Google Earth.

KRDO News Channel 13 blog
Interesting Geography Awareness Week focus on climactic
differences across major  U.S. geographic regions.

Oxford University Press USA
Renowned geographer Harm de Blij makes the case that the
myopic focus on the American Presidential election over the past two years has
diminished reporting of other internationally significant events. Now that the
election is over, he suggests that Geography Awareness Week is a perfect
opportunity to reorient ourselves to the global arena.


Have you come across Geography Awareness Week-related press
on the internet, radio, television, or in print? Tell us about it (and send us
the link)!

Later this week, we’ll feature photos from Geography Awareness
Week events across the country. Have a great shot you’d like us to
post? Send to scaban@ngs.org.

6 thoughts on “Look Who’s Been Talking about Geography Awareness Week

  1. Interesting, I found this site through the best 25 sites that are hrd to live without from National Geographic’s parent site. The lack of geography knowledge is astounding. The USA is falling behind each year and there really is no excuse except that americans take it for granted that this country is all that matters yet the internet has proven that we are a connected and global world by economy and more. If people really want to progress here they need to get exposed to more awareness of cultures abroad. Our site ExploringAbroad.com gives some of that although it is still getting more and more information.

  2. And we certainly appreciate Intelligent Travel’s generous contributions to the hoopla 🙂 It’s an excellent goal: Perhaps with our combined efforts to cultivate global awareness and combat geographic illitgeracy, we’ll be able to spend more time CELEBRATING geographic awareness in the future!

  3. Great idea, Tabatha!
    There is so much the web has to offer – we simply need more folks like yourself to keep us updated on weekly online events.
    Thanks for the info and link!

  4. Maybe next time National Geography Week could hook up with already planned weekly web events like Poetry Friday or Nonfiction Monday to be the theme that week? http://6traits.wordpress.com/nonfiction-monday/ There are also carnivals, like the carnival of children’s literature. If NGW could be the web “theme of the week,” that would be very cool.

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