Strategy Share: Creating Podcasts in the Classroom

Student-created podcasts are a fun, creative way for students to learn and for teachers to assess content knowledge. In my experience, students have been completely engaged while they learned and reviewed information, practiced collaboration, conducted research, and presented their work to others. Continue reading Strategy Share: Creating Podcasts in the Classroom

Weekly Warm-Up: The Very First Text

Stump your students by posing the question: What was the very first text? In our tech-driven world, this is sort of a trick question. Your students will LOL when they find out that many scholars consider the first text to be a book printed with moveable type. The Gutenberg Bible is celebrated by many scholars as the first book printed with moveable type in the 15th century. … Continue reading Weekly Warm-Up: The Very First Text

‘New’ Michelangelo Sculptures Identified

ARTS Art historians have tentatively identified two handsome, naked men riding triumphantly on ferocious panthers as the only surviving bronze sculptures by the Renaissance giant Michelangelo. (The Guardian) Use our beautiful historical map of Italy to put the Renaissance in context. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas According to the Guardian article, the so-called “Rothschild … Continue reading ‘New’ Michelangelo Sculptures Identified