River Stories Video Contest

Rogueriver4v_jahOne of the best examples of how humans impact our environment is
seen in our waterways. Watersheds record
our daily routines by showing signs of pollution when we drive too frequently,
signs of erosion when we build too many roads, or signs of drought when we take
more than we need.

However, some environmentally-conscious businesses are taking
action to reverse our ecological footprint. Tom’s
of Maine
sells personal care products like toothpaste and soap made from all-natural
ingredients. They have formed a Rivers
Awareness Partnership
with non-profits like River Network and American Rivers, and
are encouraging citizens to clean up their local watersheds through a River
Stories Video Contest
. Applicants can submit a video by October 31st
that tells of their efforts to clean or preserve a local water source and
explains why water quality is important for the health of their neighborhood. This
example of a submitted video
highlights community efforts in the Kalamazoo watershed of Michigan.

The prize for the winner of the contest? A Toyota Prius
hybrid car!

Rivers Awareness is working nationally to help improve water
quality. Check out this map to see if there have been
any efforts in your neighborhood. If not—get
going and create a River Story of your own! Rivers Awareness cites that, “an overwhelming majority of Americans-218
million-live within 10 miles of a polluted lake, river, stream or coastal
area.” For tips on how to initiate water
quality changes in your community to create your own River Story, check out this page from the Environmental
Protection Agency.

Happy filming!

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