Five for Friday: Explore the World Through Geotourism!

This week National
Geographic’s Center
for Sustainable Destinations
recognized three winners of the first ever Global Geotourism Challenge,
hosted together with Ashoka Changemakers. The challenge was a competition for tourist destinations that have
upheld the goals of Geotourism, or,
“tourism that sustains or enhances the
geographical character of a place–its environment, culture, aesthetics,
heritage, and the well-being of its residents.”




Check out some (five, to be exact) examples of Geotourism in action!

1.) 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking in Nepal  helps
Nepalese women train to become adventure guides in their home country.

2.) Rios
Tropicales Lodge

Costa Rica brings together communities, tourists
and conservation organizations in an effort to preserve the surrounding

3.) The Yakama Geotourism Lodge and School
in Ecuador. This facility provides Amazon youth with
education in organic agriculture, eco-tourism and holistic learning, while
doubling as an eco-lodge . The Yachana
Foundation even has its own Fair Trade chocolate company!

4.) Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries
in Greece shares Crete’s
sustainable food production and associated culture with tourists. 

5.) The Great Baikal Trail
in Russia
seeks to promote the sustainable
development of Lake Baikal
through community
involvement in ecotourism. Trails being
constructed around the Lake
will be managed by
locals, but can be enjoyed by all.

Have you visited one of these Geotourism destinations, or another not on this list? Tell us about it!

3 thoughts on “Five for Friday: Explore the World Through Geotourism!

  1. Hi friend from Jordan,
    Thanks for your comment. I hope Geotourism will soon make inroads in Jordan, too, and I’m optimistic that it will. It just takes a couple of dedicated individuals like yourself–where there’s a will, there’s a way!
    Jordan is a land rich with culture and history, with many sites that would be excellent targets for Geotourism initiatives. But I don’t have to tell you! Hopefully I’ll make it there one day myself 🙂

  2. I have heard a lot about these in recent times … but didn’t know Geo-tourism is being carried out on such a high scale …
    I think these are grat initiatives to help conserve the environment.. I’m sure this will lead to similar initiatives in other countries also.. and i hope it is started soon in my country 🙂

  3. iam from india , one of the largest continent in south asia . i would love to trek along by way of pictures about my country with wonderful stories attached to them. looking forward.

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