Juicy Geography for Teachers

Juicy Geography is a U.K. geography teacher’s site dedicated to sharing teaching ideas and resources. Check out his Teaching and Learning section for lesson ideas, examples of his students’ work, and a fun collection of quick games that test knowledge of subjects from rivers to earthquakes.

2 thoughts on “Juicy Geography for Teachers

  1. This is just a reminder that The New York State GIS Association is inviting all New York State middle and high school students and their teachers, and New York State undergraduate college students and their instructors to participate in the 1st Annual Galileo Award Poster Competition. Realizing that Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide great classroom tools, the purpose of the Award is to recognize and reward the outstanding GIS work of New York State students.
    Posters may be on any subject, but should illustrate the students’ use of GIS to effectively communicate a central theme of any classroom topic (e.g. sciences, history, social studies, business, physical education, etc.). The use of Global Position Systems (GPS) in creating your map is completely acceptable.
    The Association is encouraging participants to submit electronic images of their poster/map. A simple export of the map in a common graphics format at 400 dpi is desired (i.e. JPEG, PDF, TIFF). Please limit the size of your poster to no larger than 11 inches by 17 inches.
    Poster entries must be received no later than 12:00 Noon on Friday, April 27th, 2007. Each poster entry must be submitted with a completed entry form. Detailed information about the Galileo Award Poster Competition, including instructions how to download the entry form, can be found online at the NYS GIS Association webpage:
    Please check this website for updates.


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