Is Your Child’s School Geography-Ready?

This month, work with teachers and administrators to think through ways that school can be more global for students. Start with the Global Schools Checklist. How is your child’s school preparing students for their global future? Does it have the resources and classes it needs to foster an understanding of the world? Find out with the checklist, an informal tool to help you learn how “geography-ready”–and able to give your kids the power of global knowledge–your school is.

Tell us how your child’s school fares on the checklist. Include the name of your school, how it’s helping kids to gain global knowledge, and what ideas you have for more. Share your story!

3 thoughts on “Is Your Child’s School Geography-Ready?

  1. Just found your blog via Lucy Gray – this is a great resource! Thanks for sharing – I will pass it on to my admin 🙂

  2. My child goes to a type of elementary public school called a “magnet school”. A magnet school is a public school which focuses on a theme throughout the grades at that school. Her schools theme is “global awareness”.
    It is really great because they learn a different foreign language each year in addition to Spanish. Each language is taught by a teacher from that country working in the U.S. Therefore they also learn alot of culture in language class too.
    There is no tolerance of negative comments amoung students. All students are encouraged to look beyond global backgrounds and be friends. There is a big diversity of students.
    The school halls are painted to represent different parts of the world. There are flags in the upstairs lobby representing all the countries the kids will learn about.
    We really love the place!

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