13 Things We Learned this Week!

What did you learn this week? Let us know in the comments or at education@ngs.org. This week, we learned … … how to sign the Declaration of Independence—in a founding father’s handwriting.     … how to cut the perfect slice of pizza. Or, at least, a much more complex one.     … giraffes did NOT evolve long necks to reach treetop greenery.   … Continue reading 13 Things We Learned this Week!

A Diverse Summer Reading List for Kids

ARTS In children’s books, it can be easier to find talking pandas than characters of color. Only six percent of children’s books published in 2012 featured diverse characters. Here’s a list to better reflect the U.S. today. (NPR) Use our resources to get even more suggestions for fun summer reading. Discussion Ideas Read through our terrific activity “Cultural Diversity in the United States.” Work through … Continue reading A Diverse Summer Reading List for Kids

May 2009 Newsletter

Read the May 2009 Newsletter: “‘Doing’ Geography on Your Vacation This Summer.”

GeoFeature: The New Geotourism Movement
Geography in the News: Demystifying the Swine Flu Pandemic
Blog: Summer Travelpalooza



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