Modern Europe Is Younger Than We Thought

SCIENCE Modern Europe’s Genetic History Starts in Stone Age Europeans as a people are younger than we thought, a new study suggests. DNA recovered from ancient skeletons reveals that the genetic makeup of modern Europe was established around 4,500 years ago—not by the first farmers who arrived in the area around 7,500 years ago, or by earlier hunter-gatherer groups. (In this video, geneticist Spencer Wells … Continue reading Modern Europe Is Younger Than We Thought

LAST CALL for the Google Science Fair!


Calling all students: Explore the world of science–and the Galapagos Islands!

National Geographic is excited to be co-sponsoring the Google Science Fair, the world’s biggest science competition for students ages 13 through 18. This competition invites students to submit creative scientific projects that could help shape our present and their future. The deadline to participate in the contest is April 4, 2011, so students are strongly encouraged to enter their projects immediately (and to make certain to get parental consent first)!!

Curious yes? Here are some more details about the contest:

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