Two bunnies in harnesses

Hares to Rabbits!

Believe it or not, some days at National Geographic are normal. And then there is the occasional day, or three, when your co-worker takes over the office with dozens of baby rabbits to place in new loving homes and no one questions it. When this happened last summer, I was beside myself. Could bring one home? (I bike to work.) Could I hold one during my afternoon meetings? … Continue reading Hares to Rabbits!

14 Things We Learned This Week!

What did you learn this week? Let us know in the comments or at This week, we learned … … that you can download and print absolutely gorgeous Landsat maps of your state. DO IT!     … “Elegy for the Arctic” is a haunting composition for piano accompanied by crumbling glacier.     … an L.A. artist’s ’emancipation project’ encourages students to create … Continue reading 14 Things We Learned This Week!

Why is Fido afraid of fireworks?

SCIENCE Is your furry friend looking forward to the Fourth of July as much as you? Maybe not, if he or she suffers from noise anxiety. What causes it, and how can you help? (New York Times) How did dogs evolve to become such good best buddies? Use our resources to find out. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our … Continue reading Why is Fido afraid of fireworks?

Fluffy, Scaly, Feathered Ways to #TeachNatGeo

Nothing teaches kids to care for other creatures like hands-on experience! Here are a few animals your students can take care of while they learn. When your students leave at the end of the year, will they want to be a veterinarian, research scientist, or zoologist? Their journey can begin with the pets you bring to class! Tell us about your class pets on Facebook … Continue reading Fluffy, Scaly, Feathered Ways to #TeachNatGeo

Media Monday: Fun Ways to Learn More About Animals

As National Geographic Kids‘ Funniest Pet Contest comes to a close (enter your pet by July 31!), my mind is on animals! It’s fun to have a pet, but what if you don’t have one? Or what about if you’re interested in learning about animals that you can’t keep as pets or animals that live far away from you? It’s really fun to learn about animals. They are so … Continue reading Media Monday: Fun Ways to Learn More About Animals