‘Cardboard’ Architect Wins Substantial Prize

ARTS Architecture generally involves creating monuments from materials like steel, stone, and concrete. Yet this year, the discipline’s top award is going to a man who is best known for making temporary shelters out of paper tubes, largely for victims of natural hazards. (New York Times) Use our resources to learn more about architecture. Discussion Ideas Architect Shigeru Ban is well-known for using portable and … Continue reading ‘Cardboard’ Architect Wins Substantial Prize

Recycling Discrimination

ENVIRONMENT What do you recycle, and what do you trash? Researchers say that “[a]fter we finish using a product, we somehow evaluate, ‘does the product still look like it could be useful?’” Tons of recyclable material—scraps of paper, dented cans, broken bottles—end up in the landfill every year. (Testing this would be a great, do-able science fair project!) (NPR) Use our materials to understand how … Continue reading Recycling Discrimination