Orangutan Letter Writing Campaign

Did you know that orangutans share 96% the same DNA as you and me? That’s right, they are almost identical to us and yet we (as a whole) give little thought to what is happening to them and or what we as humans are doing to drive the species to the brink of extinction. Today I want to devote my article to orangutans. Before I … Continue reading Orangutan Letter Writing Campaign

How Can Planting a Tree Save an Orangutan?

How can planting a tree save an orangutan? That is the same question we asked our friends at Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) when we heard about their Tree Planting Project—and the answer will amaze you. Below is a great explanation  from Barbara Bichler, director of School Projects for BOS in Germany: Located in the Indonesian part of central Borneo, Mawas is an area of 309,000 hectares—twice … Continue reading How Can Planting a Tree Save an Orangutan?