Africa’s Dazzling Diversity

GEOGRAPHY Africa is not a country. It’s an entire continent filled with amazing, unparalleled diversity of languages, peoples and nations. New maps illustrate just how diverse Africa really is. Beware: You can spend hours here. (Mic) Learn more about Africa’s dazzling cultural diversity. Discussion Ideas Take a look at the map above, or click here to see the full-size, zoomable version. Why do you think Africa’s … Continue reading Africa’s Dazzling Diversity

Linguists Identify 15,000-Year-Old Words

SCIENCE Linguists Identify 15,000-Year-Old Words Researchers have come up with a list of about two dozen words that have survived, fundamentally unchanged, for 150 centuries throughout Europe and Asia. Discussion Ideas: The Washington Post article explains how research into “proto-Eurasiatic” language focused on comparing words in different language families. Language families are not the same as languages. A language family is group of languages with … Continue reading Linguists Identify 15,000-Year-Old Words