Meet Becky Schnekser

Well, hello there! My name is Becky, and I am an elementary science teacher in Virginia Beach, Virginia! I am an avid science nerd, athlete, Washington football fan, Twitter-er, Instagrammer, dance mom, soccer mom, and just living that teacher life. I love being in the field, whether it’s on my school campus, a local park, or the Peruvian Amazon. In the field, no matter the … Continue reading Meet Becky Schnekser

Global Citizen, Explorer, Educator

This post was written by educator Kimi Waite. Read our Educator Spotlight on Kimi here. Hi everyone! I’m Kimberly Waite, but you can call me Kimi. I’m a global citizen, explorer, and educator. (Fabric fish seem to figure into Kimi’s life of exploration! —ed) My life’s passions are travel and exploration, and my most powerful teaching and learning experiences have occurred outside of the classroom … Continue reading Global Citizen, Explorer, Educator

A Curious Path

This post was written by Jenn Gilgan. Read our Educator Spotlight on Jenn here. During Tampa Bay’s Startup Week opening presentation, the speaker suggested that instead of following your passion, you should follow your curiosity. If you’re curious, you’re going to actively learn. I love being curious. I love to figure out how and why things work. I love making connections between two seemingly unrelated … Continue reading A Curious Path

How will you tell your students about YOU?

It’s August. Everywhere you look on education blogs or edu-Twitter, there are posts about going back to school. I know—I’ve written my fair share of them. Last year, I wrote about using centers for the first day of school and this year I wrote about relationships mattering more than content. But as you read about great ideas for the first day of school and building … Continue reading How will you tell your students about YOU?