Creature Feature: The American Bison

Featured photo by George F. Mobley, National Geographic What’s the largest land mammal in the United States? Today’s featured creature, of course! Today we’re highlighting the American Bison because believe it or not, it’s National Bison Day. Fast Facts Scientific Name: Bison bison Family Name: Bovidae Classification: Mammal Habitat: Grassland Diet: Herbivore (Fav foods include: plains grasses, herbs, shrubs, and twigs) Size: 7 to 11.5 feet Weight: 930 to 2,200 … Continue reading Creature Feature: The American Bison

The Thorny Circle of Life

SCIENCE The presence of carnivores helps some plants thrive, a new study of life on the savanna reveals. (BBC) Use this activity to better understand the plants and animals of the African savanna. Teachers: Scroll all the way down for a short list of key resources in our “Teachers’ Toolkit.” Discussion Ideas Read the terrific BBC article on the African savanna food web. Then, look … Continue reading The Thorny Circle of Life