Flu Forecasting

HEALTH Imagine being able to predict when the flu might strike your town, a bit like how meteorologists predict when a storm is heading your way. That’s exactly what infectious disease experts—and mapmakers—are doing. (CNN) Use our resources to better understand the importance of mapping to public health. Teachers, scroll down for a short list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas Read … Continue reading Flu Forecasting

Improving Tornado Forecasts

ENVIRONMENT Tornadoes left at least 17 people dead across much of the U.S. the past week. The devastation is a reminder that forecasting still needs to get better, says a leading government scientist. (National Geographic News) Learn more about preparing for tornadoes and other natural hazards. Click to enlarge and print this handy emergency-kit checklist, from the good folks at FEMA. Discussion Ideas Read through … Continue reading Improving Tornado Forecasts